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The price of palladium is absolutely exploding

Since the start of this year, the price of palladium – a silvery-white metal primarily found in South Africa and Russia – has jumped by more than 22%. In a single day, on Friday, the price increased by $150 an ounce. On Monday, it continued its rally - gaining more than 3%. The price of palladium has shot up by more than 20% since the start of January - it's now 80% more expensive than a year ago.

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The economic strength of good news

By Sharon Wood

South Africans are clearly hungry for good news as a Facebook community, #ImStaying, experiences exponential growth in its membership base. It’s a keen reminder of how important consumer confidence – buoyed by hope for the future – is, in boosting growth prospects. This, combined with good news about the progress being made on youth unemployment initiatives, is the recipe for success South Africa needs right now.

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