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Conversations we need to have with our young adults leaving school

The face of parenting changes year by year, as our children grow and develop their own personalities, interests and expectations of life! Cindy Glass, Director and Co-founder of Step Up Education Centres elaborates by explaining “We have been there from the new-born phase – supporting, encouraging, nurturing and guiding them as best we can – in a world that is rapidly changing and in communities that have challenges all of their own. Many parents are entering yet another phase of their children’s development – the excited, anxious, energised, slightly stressed school-leaver! Life, as we know it, can be a cruel adventure!”

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Organic Waste Not Wasted For Long

“Waste is a resource in the wrong place” – Eddie Hanekom, Director of Waste Management, Dept. of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning.

In the Western Cape, at least 37% of waste is organic material – this is waste from food, garden clippings, plant-based materials and degradable carbon, like paper and cardboard. Until recently, most of this waste has ended up with all the other garbage on the (already overflowing) landfills, causing severe financial, social and environmental strain on its surrounding areas and municipalities.

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