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M-Net and DStv to launch two new premium channels

Pay-television content provider M-Net will be launching two diverse new general entertainment channels in October 2014 to form part of its varied family of premium channels on DStv.

While the channel names, as well as the detailed schedules are still under wraps, M-Net has confirmed that these two channels will be aimed at distinct audiences and will allow for more top-notch content at top-of-mind, easy-to-find channel destinations. Both channels will also be in HD.

The first of the two new general entertainment channels will be the sibling of the popular M-Net channel 101, renowned for its blockbuster content from around the globe. This channel will be a playground for those who are avid followers of highly-acclaimed and award-winning, but often thought-provoking, edgy content. In addition to fresh seasons of this type of content from the US, the channel will be the home of cult fare every day of the week.

The second planned channel will be linked to VUZU brand, curating some of the best global and local entertainment. The channel will include brand new local reality shows, glitzy local celeb-watching and new seasons of hot international shows.

M-Net's CEO for South Africa, Yolisa Phahle, says that this is an exciting, progressive move on the pay-television front: "Across the globe, television and other entertainment platforms are evolving at breakneck speed as a result of new technology and changing consumer preferences". As a company, M-Net has its finger on the pulse of these developments and we will continue to evaluate, adjust and reshuffle our channel offering accordingly for the benefit of the viewer.

To be able to create these two unprecedented channels, the current M-Net Series Showcase and M-Net Series Reality channels on DStv Premium will discontinue as of October. Instead, the content from these channels will in future be on either of the M-Net or VUZU general entertainment channels.

Article courtesy:  SA Good News