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Drive to recycle brings hope to homeless

The Re-Trade Project, a community-based recycling and social empowerment project, has combined their compassion with a sense of responsibility to provide the less fortunate residents of Walmer an opportunity to care for the environment while gaining access to food and basic essentials at the same time.

 The Re-Trade group believes that dignity and respect can be restored if an individual can exchange goods rather than one hand constantly giving and the other taking.

When the initiative started, it was running only on donations from the local community.

Its intention was to promote the idea that bartering is not dead but fully alive and capable of restoring dignity, promoting a good work ethic and helping others with a hand-up in life rather than a handout.

Maria Grewar, the founder of the Re-Trade Project, said, “We have many traders who see trading as an entrepreneurial opportunity to provide for their families.”

Anyone can become a trader by collecting recyclable items, including tins, plastic bottles, cardboard, paper and glass, and exchanging it for food, toiletries, blankets and clothing.

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