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Spreading kindness

The unsung heroes of our nation are finally getting the recognition they deserve. From the firemen and paramedics that spend their days saving lives to the every-day commuter trying to provide a better life for those they love, aQuelle is celebrating heroes in every shape and size with their Random Acts of Coolness campaign!

Random Acts of Coolness launched in Durban where the aQuelle team travelled up and down the coast to celebrate hardworking individuals from around the city. They believe that it's the ordinary people who do extraordinary things for others that deserve the ultimate recognition.

The campaign calls for the nation to start celebrating its unsung heroes by performing their own random acts of coolness. It's a simple reminder that even the smallest deed can bring a smile to someone's face. Ultimately, aQuelle is making kindness cool again.

They have asked the public to nominate the heroes in their life for the chance for them both to win R1000. Prizes will be given away to deserving individuals on a weekly basis. Every hero nominated will be entered into the draw to win R50 000 at the end of the campaign.

aQuelle continues to lead by example, encouraging kindness and rewarding it. They are even rewarding organisations on Twitter for the incredible work they're doing to uplift communities around the nation. Through this exciting campaign, aQuelle hopes to begin a revolution of kindness, and perhaps change a few people's lives.

Will you be joining the revolution? Let's celebrate those who do so much for others, together. Join in on the conversation on Twitter by following aQuelle and using the hashtag #ActsofCoolness.

For further information, please contact Denholm Elliot on +27 31 536 3404.

Article courtesy: SA Good News