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Herbex Weight Loss For Men

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399,00 ZAR each

 Herbex Slimmers for Men Tablets are a general tonic that contains 10 herbs that assists men with weight-loss. It also helps to increase ernergy, burn calories and fat, control appetite, dextoxify and act as a diuretic.


Herbex weight loss for men - buy herbex weightloss for men online

Please note there is a maximum limitation of 4 boxes of Herbex  Weight -Loss Formula per order (at a time).

Herbex WEIGHT lOSS are indicated for men who would like :

  • Assistanc e with fat metabolism.
  • Reduction of their appetite.
  • Cleanse and detox their bodies.
  • Increased energy

How do Herbex weight loss for men tablets work?

This slimming and reshaping formula for men contains 10carefully selected and powerful herbs in an easy to take 'two-a-day' tablet. This product provides eight specific benefits to assist men of any age and lifestyle to lose their excess weight and improve appearance and general health.

How to use Herbex weight-loss formula:

Take 2 tablets daily. 1 tablet before breakfast and one before dinner, with a glass of water.

 60 Herbex  weight loss for men tablets

 Buy your Herbex weight loss for men from Mammafrica

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