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Anethaine Local Anaesthetic Cream offers relief from local pain and discomfort from various ailments like boils, minor burns and anal fissures.

Anethaine Local Anaesthetic Cream

Anethaine cream contains a local anaesthetic, amethocaine hydrochloride. This compound exerts an effect within minutes of topical application and remains active for at least two hours. Indications: Relief of local pain and discomfort, e.g. in haemorrhoids, anal fissures, minor burns and scalds, boils, stings and certain skin infections. Useful lubricant in instrumentation. Identification: White cream with characteristic odour of bergamot oil. Presentation: Tube of 25g.  A suitable applicator nozzle is enclosed.

How to use Anethaine local Anaesthetic Cream: 

Applications should be made at suitable intervals throughout the day. Small applications are fully effective.

25G  Anethaine  Local  Anaesthetic  Cream

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