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8-Trek Drawing Ointment

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8-Trek drawing ointment is an all-in-one ointment which can treat a myriad of minor skin problems safely.

8 Trek Drawing Ointment - Buy 8 trek drawing ointment online

Minor scrapes, insect bites, ingrown hairs/nails, eczema, splinters, infections and boils are just some of the ailments which can be treated effectively. Place a small amount of 8-Trek ointment onto the fingertip and rub gently on to the affected area.  Boils when untreated, can spread infection and cause complications as well as recur over and over. 8-Trek ointment can help to treat boils. Boils should never be “popped” as this may spread the infection to surrounding areas. The infected area must be kept covered and if a boil does not respond to home treatment, it may be necessary to consult a doctor

How to use 8-Trek Drawing Ointment:

Ingrown hairs and splinters should be covered with a dressing for 24 hours after applying a generous amount of 8-Trek ointment, which will then help to draw out pus and foreign bodies by softening the infected area. Hand should always be well washed when handling any skin ailments in order to keep infection from spreading.

 25g 8-Trek drawing Ointment

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