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Rooibos Cappuccino - Laager

buy Rooibos Cappuccino Tea online

South Africa's favourite herbal infusion has gone new age with a delicious Rooibos Cappuccino by Laager.

Rooibos Cappuccino - BUY rooibos cappuccino ONLINE

Gone are the days of traditional 'Rooibos'. Now there's a new choice on the market for consumers - an indulgent and instant Rooibos cappuccino. This radical about turn for Rooibos is the result of a whole new way of eating and drinking. Demand for healthier foods are soaring and, with it, demand for healthier drinks. Laager has more than filled that gap and now offers the best of both worlds - you can cut the caffeine but still enjoy the cappuccino. Laager Rooibos Cappuccino adds another dimension - convenience. Up until recently, the range of tasty and more indulgent Rooibos favourites was the preserve of restaurants and coffee shops. The new Laager version allows consumers to take their favourite teatime treat home or to the office - in fact, anywhere.

Please note, that there is a maximum of 4 boxes of Rooibos Cappuccino per order (at a time)

Each 15g sachet of Rooibos Cappuccino contains:

Energy (kJ) - 260
Protein (g) - 0.4
Carbohydrate (g) - 11.1
Total fat (g) - 2
Total Dietary Fibre (g)- 0.3
Sodium (mg)- 42

How to use Rooibos Cappuccino:

Simply empty one sachet into a mug, add 150ml hot - not boiling water ' stir well to dissolve and Voila! you have an instant Rooibos cappuccino with the flavour, aroma and creamy taste of the a-la-carte versions.

10 sachets of unsweetened Rooibos Cappuccino

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