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Duromine is an anti-obesity drug that functions by targeting the part of the brain responsible for the sensation of hunger.

Duromine  - Buy duromine online

People taking Duromine typically eat just a fraction of the amount of calories they might have without the medication, though it's important not to go below the recommended minimum requirement of 1200 calories a day.

Please note, that there is a maximum limitation, of 4 boxes of  Duromine per order (at a time).

Each DUROMINE Capsule contains the following ingredients: 

  • Each capsule contains 30 mg Phentermine.

How to use DUROMINE Capsules:

Take ONE pill early in the morning, preferably before 9AM. Take lots of fluid during the day. You can expect weight loss of around 2 to 4 kg every month with this medicine. Do not over dose.  Not meant for long term consumption, for people under the age of 12 or the elderly.

 30 DUROMINE pills 

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