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All your favourite South African goodies from back home

If you're South African, living in the UK or anywhere outside South Africa, then this South African Expat online shop is for you. A place to get your favourite South African products.  Mammafrica stocks your favourite herbal tea's , slimming products and much loved SA medicines.  Place your order, sit back and relax we will do the rest.  All our products are sent by recorded mail giving you peace of mind that your parcel is safe and secure.

south african medicinesGeneral South African Medicines

Those wonderful over the counter (OTC) South African medicines and remedies available here.

209,00 ZAR each Somnil
59 items in stock
349,00 ZAR each Chela-Fer Iron Supplement
76 items in stock
449,00 ZAR each Cruciale
89 items in stock
129,00 ZAR each 8-Trek Drawing Ointment
84 items in stock
179,00 ZAR each Safyr Bleu Eye Drops
45 items in stock
169,00 ZAR each Betasleep
90 items in stock
489,00 ZAR each ArthroChoice Advanced
55 items in stock
139,00 ZAR each Buchu Tea Bags - Cape Moondance
92 items in stock
199,00 ZAR each Grandpa Headache Powders
194 items in stock
239,00 ZAR each Viral Choice C
69 items in stock
219,00 ZAR each Citro Soda Granules
29 items in stock
299,00 ZAR each Guronsan C
120 items in stock
139,00 ZAR each Zam-Buk Ointment
19 items in stock
129,00 ZAR each Eno Active Food Salts
90 items in stock
279,00 ZAR each Biral Mild Tranquilizer
80 items in stock
489,00 ZAR each Biogen Peptan Collagen
No stock
129,00 ZAR each Eskamel Acne and Pimple Ointment
36 items in stock
259,00 ZAR each Calmettes
74 items in stock
179,00 ZAR each Bioplus Effervescent Tablets
79 items in stock
179,00 ZAR each Prefrin Eye Drops
66 items in stock
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Testimonial by Brent
Saturday, 01 June 2013
Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for a great and very speedy service. The Grandpa's arrived today, Feb 9, safe and sound :) I'm totally impressed by the speed of the delivery. Very nice. I will definitely use your service again. Thanks again. All the best, Brent H, Connecticut USA.