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All your favourite South African goodies from back home

If you're South African, living in the UK or anywhere outside South Africa, then this South African Expat online shop is for you. A place to get your favourite South African products.  Mammafrica stocks your favourite herbal tea's , slimming products and much loved SA medicines.  Place your order, sit back and relax we will do the rest.  All our products are sent by recorded mail giving you peace of mind that your parcel is safe and secure.

Cold, flu and pain medication from South Africa

cold flu and pain

A cold is a milder respiratory illness than the flu. While cold symptoms can make you feel bad for a few days, flu symptoms can make you feel quite ill for a few days to weeks. Symptoms of flu include sore throat, fever, headache, muscle aches and soreness, congestion, and cough. Over the counter remedies help to bring relief.

449,00 ZAR each Lenapain (36)
68 items in stock
179,00 ZAR each Corenza-C Cold and Flu Tablets
136 items in stock
349,00 ZAR each Spasmend
177 items in stock
549,00 ZAR each Syndol (40)
120 items in stock
549,00 ZAR each Lenadol (40)
120 items in stock
199,00 ZAR each Grandpa Headache Powders
112 items in stock
239,00 ZAR each Viral Choice C
67 items in stock
549,00 ZAR each Propain (40)
No stock
439,00 ZAR each Empacod
186 items in stock
299,00 ZAR each Guronsan C
94 items in stock
499,00 ZAR each Sinutab Sinus Pain Extra Strength
74 items in stock
189,00 ZAR each Disprin Extra Strength
80 items in stock
339,00 ZAR each Cataflam D
71 items in stock
169,00 ZAR each Disprin Regular Strength
80 items in stock
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Testimonial by Steve
Saturday, 01 June 2013
I just wanted to pop off a quick email to you thanking you once again for the gift pack of flavoured hand harvested sea salts. My fiancee is an expat who loves entertaining and particularly misses the foods and spices from home. She loved the present and fortuteously it arrived before her birthday. I hope to purchase more products from you in the near future. Thanks again, Steve - UK.