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South Africans 'starting to spend again'

South Africans starting to spend again

South Africans are spending money at levels that seemed impossible only a year ago, the latest BankservAfrica Economic Transaction Index (BETI) shows, suggesting that the economy may be working its way back into a more solid growth phase. The July BETI, released on Wednesday, shows record levels while continuing an upward curve sustained for a number of months now. "While one ray of sunshine does not make a summer, the fact remains that the BETI has now seen improvements, in real terms, in five out of the last seven months of 2013," Brad Gillis, CEO for regulated products at BankservAfrica, said in a statement.

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South African women's lives improving: survey

SA women's lives improving: survey

Two in every three young people believe that the lives of women in South Africa are getting better.

As the country prepares to celebrate Women's Day on Friday, a survey conducted by Pondering Panda has found that out of the 3 258 interviewed, about 64% felt the lives of women in this country were improving, compared to 21% who felt they were getting worse.

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Mandela an inspiration to the world

Mandela an inspiration for the world

The international community was "united in concern" for South Africa's ailing former president, and also "joined in admiration for a towering figure in the worldwide fight for equality and justice," secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said as the UN marked Nelson Mandela International Day 2013.

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