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It's Marula Time!

28 February 2018, Phalaborwa, South Africa – The time of year has arrived for hundreds of African Elephants to descend on the marula trees of the Valley of Olifants in the Lowveld of Limpopo and to signal to local villagers that it is time to harvest the ripened fruit for their biggest global export, Amarula liqueur.

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Drive to recycle brings hope to homeless

The Re-Trade Project, a community-based recycling and social empowerment project, has combined their compassion with a sense of responsibility to provide the less fortunate residents of Walmer an opportunity to care for the environment while gaining access to food and basic essentials at the same time.

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Two friends helped rescue babies from a burning train

KROONSTAD - Two 12-year-old boys rushed to help victims of Wednesday’s horrific train accident near Kroonstad in the Free State. (4th of January 2018)

Evert du Preez and Mokoni Chaka say they can still remember the screams.

“I saw the train hit the car. I went to the train and saw kids coming out the windows and helped them and took them to the ambulance. I will never forget the screams. It will forever be embedded in my mind,” said Du Preez.

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