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Roundabout Water Solutions

Roundabout Water Solutions (RWS) is a South African registered non-profit (section 21) company that raises funds for the installation and maintenance of the PlayPump water pumping system (PlayPumps). Boreholes are identified, tested to ensure sustainability and water quality that is fit for human consumption and if they pass a PlayPump, subject to donor funding, can be installed.

As the kids play on the PlayPump clean drinking water is pumped into a storage tank for immediate use or to be drawn off later.

Water is the most basic need at any school. You can provide all manner of school equipment, but if there is no water, then the education is severely impacted upon and the children do not attend, trapping them in the poverty that holds their parents captive.

The school principals reported the same problems when their school had no water.

Children got dehydrated because of lack of water and could not concentrate and often got sent home early.

On numerous occasions they were taken out of class to fetch the water from rivers and dams which were contaminated resulting the children suffering from water borne diseases like diarrhoea.

If there was no water, the cooks for the school feeding programme either had to search for water, or else the children went hungry. If the children knew there was going to be no water or food they would often not attend school.

With a PlayPump:

  • School attendance increases, because the children are no longer sick.
  • They enjoy the PlayPump because in these rural areas there are no other sources of play equipment.
  • The promise of a reliable meal, often their only meal for the day, encourages them to attend school.
  • With water, many of the schools are planting vegetable gardens, to help feed the children, should the water cease, the gardens will also cease.

With over 1,000 PlayPumps in South Africa, routine inspections and maintenance needs to be done on all of them. Most of them are still working well and providing the school and children with reliable, clean drinking water, but they do need to be maintained and we request help for this as well.

Article courtesy:  SA Good News