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Braai challenge completed!

A sales and marketing manager has completed a year-long charity barbecue marathon which saw him cook outside 365 days in a row. Mat Hartley, of Wimbledon, south-west London, has been barbecuing for a year whatever the weather, after accepting a challenge from friends in a pub.The 32-year-old believes he has actually cooked 420 barbecues over the year, using 156 bags of charcoal and food costing an estimated

He has cooked a variety of food for the "braais" as they are called in his native South Africa, raising 7,000 pounds towards rhino conservation charities. Mr Hartley said: "I was in a pub with friends and we were discussing whether it was possible to braai every day for a year" -  Being South African I braai a lot anyway, so I decided why didn't I do it and raise money for rhinos at the same time. The year-long challenge saw him barbecuing outside every day, often getting up early in winter to cook breakfast before going to work.

He barbecued with South African players at Saracens rugby club, and even cooked up a braai on a hotel window ledge in Paris last November.Mr Hartley said rump, sirloin and rib eye steaks are his favourite barbecue food, but he has also experimented with fish, chicken and chilli con carne.Also on the menu have been pizzas, curry, moussaka, kebabs, Mexican wraps and fritters, Bolognese sauce and Irish stew. He said before the challenge that his girlfriend Michelle Campbell, 29, was supportive, adding: 'She doesn't have to cook and there's less washing up.'

Article Courtesy:  Daily Mail