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Two South African hotels in top 3 'best value in the world'

wo South African hotels in top 3 'best value in the world'

Confirming SA's excellent value for money for tourists; two of the Lonely Planet's top three best-value hotels in the world are in South Africa; with Cape Town's The Backpack in the top spot.

Situated in the city's urban heart - just as the road climbs towards Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain - The Backpack was also recently voted Best Hostel in Africa 2014 by A member of the South African Youth Travel Confederation (SAYTC), they are recognised for their community projects and are accredited by Fair Trade Tourism.

Says Cape Town Tourism CEO, Enver Duminy; - Cape Town can be accessed on so many levels and on all types of budgets. With many of the hostels opened by seasoned South African travellers, our budget offering truly offers bang for travellers bucks. It's commendable too that many budget travel hostels and backpackers are leaders in responsible tourism practices.

The Drakensberg Inkosana Lodge is number three on the best value list, and the Wild Coast's Bulungula Backpackers came second on Lonely Planet's top ten list of "Outstanding Eco Hotels."

Deborah Smook, National Co-ordinator for SAYTC comments; "All the SAYTC members are extremely proud of the three that did so well in these awards! South African backpacker hostels have amazingly high standards without losing the personal touch, with most of them being owner run. All of our Western Cape members are either star graded or Fair Trade accredited. Since 2009 travellers under the age of thirty have more than tripled and we can see that in our businesses. It is important for our establishments to be best value as it lays the corner stone for future travelling to South Africa. If we can hook them while they are young with our country's beauty, diversity, quality accommodation at great prices, the chances are good that they will return when they are older with families and stay in hotels and guest houses."

"We have experienced a strong season this summer. In part this is due to the currency which is favourable for travellers from Europe and America right now, but Cape Town consistently remains a top value destination where you will never have enough time to experience the city's diverse urban and natural offering, and will always be able to explore on a budget that suits your means," concludes Duminy.

Article Courtesy:  SA Good News