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Rooibos could be the answer for people who sleep badly.

Unfortunately according to recent research, many South Africans aren't getting enough sleep. This is considered a major public health concern as it not only costs the economy billions as a result of motor accidents and a loss of productivity but could also result in serious health complications such a heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

On average South Africans get approximately six hour sleep a night based on data collected by a sleep app, called Sleep Cycle. Most said their rising time was 6:24 but that they found it difficult to retire before midnight. The majority only crawled under the covers again at 12:20am.

While six hours of sleep might sound sufficient, it's the sleep you clock before midnight that really counts.

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Testimonial by Steve
Saturday, 01 June 2013
I just wanted to pop off a quick email to you thanking you once again for the gift pack of flavoured hand harvested sea salts. My fiancee is an expat who loves entertaining and particularly misses the foods and spices from home. She loved the present and fortuteously it arrived before her birthday. I hope to purchase more products from you in the near future. Thanks again, Steve - UK.