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Biral Mild Tranquilizer


Biral is a natural product of plant origin which acts on the central nervous system to bring about a mild sedative action.

Biral Mild Tranquilizer

Biral may be used as a day-time sedative since it should not cause drowsiness or impair mental alertness and concentration.

Each Biral Tablet Contains:

  • Valerianae extractum siccum 100,0 mg
  • Passiflorae extractum siccum 45,0 mg

How to use Biral Tablets:

Adults : Unless otherwise directed, initially take 2 tablets with water three times daily after meals. After improvement or in less severe cases, take 1 tablet three times daily after meals.

Please note, that there is a maximum limitation, of 4 boxes of Biral Mild Tranquilizer (at a time).



Testimonial by Jyoti
Saturday, 01 June 2013
Hi Celeste,  I managed to order online yesterday, thanks for your help and I look forward to receiving my order soon.  I'm going to let all my S-Africa friends know of your website - an absolute gem it is, because there are so many things on it that we cannot shop for here in the UK.  Thanks again !!  Regards,  Jyoti.